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  1. Add friends

  2. Any tips for the photos I upload?

  3. Block user

  4. Can I get refund if I cancel my VIP membership(or Invisibility and Diamonds)?

  5. How do I cancel my VIP subscription?

  6. How do I change my sign up email and password?

  7. How do I edit my profile information?

  8. How do I permanently delete my profile and account?

  9. How do I retrieve a forgotten password?

  10. How do I temporarily disable my account?

  11. How do I upload and edit photos?

  12. How long will my profile approval take?

  13. Is the monthly plan renewed automatically?

  14. The green dot on the photo

  15. Verify your phone number

  16. What kind of profile may be rejected by the system?

  17. What payment options do I have?

  18. What's the difference between free members and VIP members?

  19. Why is there a payment failure?

  20. Why isn't my profile updating? Why does it need to be approved?

  21. Wink

  22. 为什么只有我的资料需要被审核呢?

  23. 人民币付费

  24. 什么样的个人资料有可能被拒绝呢?

  25. 付款成为VIP会员(或购买“隐身”功能和水钻)之后可以申请退款么?

  26. 信用卡为什么会付款失败?

  27. 加为好友

  28. 如何上传和编辑照片?

  29. 如何删除照片?

  30. 如何取消VIP自动续期?

  31. 如何找回登录密码?

  32. 如何更改登录邮箱和密码?

  33. 如何永久删除我的资料以及帐号?

  34. 如何编辑您的个人资料?

  35. 如何隐藏并退出我的帐号?

  36. 对上传的照片有什么要求呢?

  37. 抛媚眼

  38. 普通用户和VIP用户有什么区别?

  39. 照片上的绿点

  40. 资料审核需要多久才能通过呢?

  41. 除了信用卡,还有哪些付款方式?

  42. 验证手机号

  43. 黑名单

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